Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bob Tweedie

Bob Tweedie has a book out, here is the link to a article on his work:  Events

Friday, October 3, 2014

William George Tweedy and the Arkansas Tweedys

William George Tweedy was a son of John Tweedy and Mary Craft. He married Sarah Hill on 4 November 1835.  He moved to Madison County Arkansas. 

1 George Washington Tweedy
children of: Ann Tweedy, James Tweedy
2 Abagill Ruth Tweedy
3 Caroline Tweedy
4 S Tweedy
5 Gracy Tweedy

Anyone having more of this family please sent it to me.

Related is a group of Tweedys that served in the Confederate army in Arkansas:

RA Tweedy 38th Infantry
John W Tweedy 38th Infantry
RC Tweedy 15th Infantry
Robert Tweedy 7th Infantry (age 19)
J S Tweedy 47th Cav, 48th Cav, Anderson's Battalion, Carlton's Cavalry (age 19)
R A Tweedy 7th Infantry

I think the Robert Tweedy above is 'Captain Robert C Tweedy' 7th militia regiment, volunteer company cavalry, from Franklin, AR.

Anyone who knows the line of these men please contact me.

Monday, September 1, 2014

McCain's Corner: DNA Genetic Genealogy Sale

McCain's Corner: DNA Genetic Genealogy Sale: All the DNA projects I administer and assist with, use Family Tree DNA labs in Houston, Texas.  Why?  Well, they are the best, they have the...