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Tweedy DNA Testing

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Southern Illinois Tweedy Photos

A note to one and all.... I have hundreds of photos from southern Illinois Tweedys taken mid 1800s into the 1920s.  I will post more as I can.  Anyone that has more information about any of the families that appear in the photos, do please contact me so that we might bring all up to date and possibly help other Tweedys out there seeking their family lore and history. I have several candid photos, people sight seeing, with farm animals, walking, enjoying the snow, etc., will get to those when I can.

Barry R McCain (my grandmother Sarah Pearl Tweedy)

J F Tweedy and Family

Gertrude McCann and Hope

(note this is likely Gertrude McCann, not Grace as I originally thought, refer to comments below for clarification).

I believe this is Grace McCann and her daughter Hope.  Grace was a cousin to the Tweedys, or her maiden name may have been Tweedy.  I must research this more and get back with everyone.

Olive May Tweedy Née Parmly

This photos are all on metal plates and have deteriorated and have some rust, etc.  I have four or five old Tweedy photos on metal plates, amazing they are still around considering they have been in the very hot and humid South. 

Olive May Tweedy née Parmly

Olive May Tweedy née Parmly

Tweedy with Baby

Note:  J F Tweedy, brother of Robert Tweedy, the latter moved to Madison County, Mississippi.  however.  

Robert Tweedy in Mississippi circa 1920

J F Tweedy and Wife

J F Tweedy and wife
In my notes on J F Tweedy is:   (The brother of my Robert Tweedy)  J. F. TWEEDY, farmer, P. O. Makanda, was born in Union County, Ill., February 25, 1854, and is a son of J. M. Tweedy, whose history appears in the department devoted to Alto Pass Precinct.  He was raised on the farm and educated in the common schools of the county.  In 1877 he engaged in farming on his own account, on a farm near his father's in Alto Pass Precinct.  His present farm contains 70 acres of good land.  He makes fruit-growing a specialty.  In March, 1877, in Union County he married Miss Alice Freeman, a native of the county, and a daughter of James H. and Sarah (Biggs) Freeman. This union has been blessed with the following children: Walter, Roy and Fred. 

Mr. Tweedy is a man of good reputation and much enterprise.  He has never sought office, it being more in accord with his views to stay at home and give his time and attention to his family and the duties of his farm.  In connection with the land he owns, he is managing a 60-acre farm for Mr. Shelker of Elgin,

Fred Tweedy

Fred Tweedy
Fred was a son of J F (James Fred) Tweedy.  Fred was born in 1882 and died 1962.

J F Tweedy and Sons

JF Tweedy and Sons, southern Illinois

Descendants of this family welcomed to post comments.  The sons of J F Tweedy are named James Ray, Walter E, and Fred F.